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Sonal Bhaskaran Testimonial Golden Snippets with Z

For me the “Golden Snippets” coaching was important in two ways: firstly to let me see the value of recording my conversations and being alert to excerpts of great clarity and value for marketing purposes, and secondly in helping me to become more confident with the technical process of editing.

Lisa Cunningham DeLauney,
Strategic Change Management Catalyst

It's so much quicker and easier to create high-impact and engaging video content using Zineb's system.

Andy Kovacs, Co-Founder & Corporate Learning Director at ELC Consultants

Doug Lawson, Marketing Strategist and Advisor

Zineb's videos are incredible!!!! She really gets the most out of interviews and manages to showcase all the important elements in a super elegant way on video.

Rafael Jimenez, Founder at Seal Metrics

Mélanie Boucarut, Founder and Life Coach @ The Yes Mistress

 She spots everything that I am not necessarily considering and helps me close the gap between what I think my customers think and what my customers actually think.

Melissa Curran, CEO @ ModernMind Group

I used her energy, her startup energy to move me from my procrastination, idea phase to action. She's like a renaissance artist!

Maria Sztarovics,  Founder @ Wings4U and Expecting Miracles

Susanne Ekström, Change Management Coach and Consultant

Zineb is my marketing sounding board. Z does the right amount of listening mixed with asking fundamental questions to keep me focused on the important core aspects of marketing without getting distracted by shiny marketing toys.

Michael Eckstein, CEO at Resting Business Face

Golden Snippets with Z

She's always the first name mentioned among my managers and peers when seeking a marketing advisor or mentor.

Don Hatch, Ex-Global Head of Programs @ Demium

Golden snippets with Z_edited.jpg
Golden Snippets with Z
Golden Snippets with Z

Zineb is methodological - she really thinks about a problem, digests it, analyzes it, and come up with solid solutions one can implement immediately with little cost.

Priscilla Lavoie, Ex-MD @ Demium

Golden Snippets with Z

There’s often a huge gap between the way you see what you’re doing and the way your clients see what you’re doing. Zineb closes that gap. By constantly bringing you back to what your clients say about you she helps you see your business clearly through their eyes.

Sarah Jane Seatherton, Founder and CEO at Do It Daily

Do it daily
Adinton Technologies
Wings 4U
Modern Mind Group
ELC Consultants

I've never had so many "AHA" moments in a one-hour Zoom call. Zineb knows how to ask the right questions to learn about you and your business. She doesn't give generalized marketing guru advice -- she gives insightful and actionable suggestions specific to your situation. I got the kick in the boot I needed to get started.

Michelle Carrington Tornel, Beauty and Wellness Copywriter

When passion meets expertise it is a powerful combination. Zineb brings this in abundance!

Adam, co-founder at Gather

 Zineb has shown to be visionary, creative, reliable, and a good counterpart / sparring partner, who always puts the consumer at the front of her thinking. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Ruud Schagen, Sales Manager @ Mitsubishi Electric

Sometimes you don't need answers, you need questions. Z knows what to ask.

Dima Lylyk, Founder and CEO @ Zeeon

Golden Snippets with Z

Ready for videos that make you look good, start conversations and practically make themselves?

Golden Snippets with Z
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