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Real unscripted content that pre-qualifies and pre-sells prospects for entrepreneurs who are active on Linkedin.
"You're a magician. I don't know how you do that!"
Adinton Technologies
Excellent Rider
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Your content should do you justice, get your people pumped to do business with you, refer business to you, invite you on coffee chats, podcasts, talks....and all for the right reasons.

If that's not you, this is probably why:

You create content from an echo chamber.
It sounds forced and is not relatable to your future buyers.

Every time you show up, there's one thing missing:  YOU
No, not spill-your-guts-on-social you, just natural you.

"She spots everything that I am not necessarily considering and helps me close the gap between what I think my customers think and what my customers actually think."

Melissa Curran, CEO @ ModernMind Group

I teach you how to spot what your buyers need to hear and give you the confidence to talk about it (sometimes on video)

Hint: it involves learning from your customers.

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"I already know what they need to hear from me."
Willing to bet money on that? ;)

"Nuh-uh, I don't do video."
When was your last video call? ;)

"Making videos is hard."

You don't make videos anymore. They sorta make themselves and practically write your posts for you while you're doing your freaking J.O.B.

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Comment website
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Looky here.

Sales Calls

Coffee chats

Discovery calls

Customer calls

Demo Calls





Team trainings

Networking calls

Customer Interviews


Customers in their mojo talking about their pains in their words.

Hours of video of you and your customer in Flow State talking about the Stuff That Matters to future buyers.

You in your mojo

not overthinking it.

Clippidy-clip, optimize for attention & shippidy-ship

"I can't use other people's footage without their consent."

No consent? Simply extract your video and audio.

"It's so much quicker and easier to create high-impact and engaging video content using Zineb's system."

Andy Kovacs, Co-Founder & Corporate
Learning Director at ELC Consultants

"I don't say anything interesting"
Yes you do and it's more relevant than any script you'll write right now. I'll show you.


Irit Levi, Founder @ Day by Day

"I'm super nervous about video"

People don't care as much as you think they do. Your audience just might tell you how much of a natural you are on video. HA!

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Don't waste your time on people who won't vibe with you or your brand.

People already feel like they know you before they jump on a call with you.

Customer Video Stories

Showcase your clients' experiences with all its realness and answer the questions your future buyers have.

Mélanie Boucarut, Founder and Life Coach @ The Yes Mistress

Maria Sztarovics,  Founder

@ Wings4U and Expecting Miracles

Golden Snippets

60min sessions where I get you talking about what matters and you get videos that practically write your posts for you.

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You simply need someone to help you see it.

With over a decade’s worth of experience in Marketing (two-time CMO), I have seen the power of conversations both as a source of learnings and as an amplifier of oneself.


Ready to give them freaking good reasons to choose you?

1:1 Guided Sessions

Audit your existing Linkedin content strategy and get you learning from your customers and potential buyers to be more relevant and more you, sometimes on video.

Customer Video


Video testimonials from your customer interviews and potential buyer conversations ready to be shared on social. Fully optimized for attention.

Get one today

Golden Snippets

for Social

Informal interview style chats where you are relaxed and feeling zero pressure are the best way to get you showing up as YOU and talking about what prospects need to hear.

Book your session

Course coming soon!

GIF Training

for Linkedin

Ready to share video stories from your customer interviews and potential buyer conversations.

Get the training


Freaking Videos

Master the art of the snippet and start creating on autopilot. 

Join the waitlist here

 "Zineb has shown to be visionary, creative, reliable, and a good counterpart / sparring partner, who always puts the consumer at the front of her thinking. It was a pleasure to work with her."

Ruud Schagen, Sales Manager @ Mitsubishi Electric

Remember this:

You can always go back to hiding behind text and only talking about what you sell.

Have I given you freaking good reasons to reach out?

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