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Real unscripted video content that gets your audience pumped.

Busy entrepreneurs, all you have to do is show up!

Golden Snippets with Z


What in the world am I blabbing about?

Golden Snippets for Social

I really don't have time for this.

Will I lose my audience on camera?


1 SESSION               25 VIDEOS

I snip the heck out of our recording so that's just a minimum.

Sonal Bhaskaran

Fun, relaxed & recorded conversations.

Golden Snippets with Z


Golden snippets with Z_edited.jpg
Golden Snippets with Z
Golden Snippets with Z
Golden Snippets with Z

Ready-to-post videos

They practically write your posts for you.

Golden Snippets with Z
Golden Snippets with Z

Engaging, relevant videos just like these.

Golden Snippets for Social
Golden Snippets for Social with Z
Golden Snippets for Social with Z

Ready in 7 business days.

Recorded with a real Marketer (MOI)

You get a creative and fun entrepreneur with 10+ years of Marketing experience fully focused on you and your audience.


Not spill-your-guts-on-social you,
ust natural you.

You that knows their stuff.
You that captures attention.
You that has stories for days.

Golden Snippets with Z


All you have to do is show up.

1,850 USD
Customized monthly packages also available.
Golden Snippets for Social
Tanya Bugbee Post for Golden Snippets with Z
Golden Snippets with Z
Golden Snippets with Z
Golden Snippets with Z
Sonal Bhaskaran Testimonial Golden Snippets with Z

You get a personalized GIF and Tee with your key message. 

Bonus Tee Golden Snippets for Social
Bonus GIF Golden Snippets for Social
*Available for the first session only.
Tees available for shipping to the EU, UK, Ireland and US.
  • What can I expect after booking?
  • I don't have an audience. Will this help me build one?
    Golden Snippets for Social will amplify your existing audience, but it will not help you build an audience from scratch.
  • Who is this service NOT for?
    If one or more of these describe you, we are not the right fit: You want 40 videos/week. You are not active on social. You don't run on good vibes. You don't already post content. You don't sell high ticket services. You are not convinced about video. You don't have an audience on social. You want videos with stuff flying around. You expect your first video to bring you $$.
  • Who is this service PERFECT for?
    Golden Snippets for Social is for busy entrepreneurs who: Believe in video Have an audience Are active on social Sell high ticket services Feel like "it's just not me" when they do video Are eager to cross off "record videos for social" Are actually more fun and interesting in real life ;) Does that sound like you?
  • Can you send me the questions ahead of time?
    No can do. I want the unprepared answers. YOU want the unprepared answers. The natural stuff. The magic is in the followup questions and I don't know those ahead of time. You know your stuff. Full permission to show up as yourself. And you are in absolute control of the content you share. Still want the questions? 👀
  • Why can't I just get my VA to ask me questions?
    How well does your VA understand Marketing and your customers? Are they capable of knowing when they need to ask follow up questions because your answer was generic? Are they any good at making engaging videos on the regular? Are they even active on social?
  • Do I need to prepare for the session?
    After booking You fill out a short form with a few questions to help me prep :) That is also where you choose your video style and design preferences for all the videos. On the day of the session Make sure you bring your beautiful self and pick a quiet place with good lighting and a solid internet connection.
  • How can you get all that out in such little time?
    A lot of prep work goes into the session. You get 10+ years of Marketing experience stalking you lol. I study you and your ideal client. The way you show up on social, newsletters, website. Audience reactions and comments. What you are addressing that has worked on other mediums and would do great on video.What you are not addressing and should be.
  • What do you use to record these conversations?
    We use Riverside, a web based studio, in order to capture you and your brilliance in the highest quality possible.
  • How long are the sessions?
    The sessions are 75 minutes. If I feel that you are on a roll, I will ask you if you are ok to go for longer.
  • Do you adapt the videos to my brand?
    The videos are absolutely adapted to your brand font and colors. We use your existing style if you have one. If not, I will suggest 3 options for you to choose from.
  • Are captions included?
  • How many videos do I get?
    You get a minimum of 25 snippets. Anything post worthy gets snipped which means I don't stop at 25. My average today is 30-35 snippets.
  • What video effects do you apply?
    The effects we work with are very subtle. We do not have things flying around. We want you to be the main focus of the video.
  • Can I see examples of video snippets?
    Sure thing! Here is one. Here is another. Here is one more.
  • How long are the video snippets?
    Most videos are under 60 seconds. Some may be longer simply because they need to be in order for you audience to understand the message.
  • What if I am not sure about my light and sound quality?
    Depending on the set up I have seen on our initial call, I still may request a 10min sound and light check prior to the session.
  • How do you snip the recordings?
    Here is the behind the scenes process of how I snip the heck out of our recordings.
  • What if I am a little nervous about video?
    People don't care as much as you think they do. Your audience just might tell you how much of a natural you are on video. HA!
  • Why the bonus gifts?
    I am a big believer of Merch and GIFs as ways to stand out on social and start conversations. I even co-founded a merch company (no longer in service) and I still do have a GIF course for Linkedin.
  • Do you send me a copy of the recording?
    No, I do not send copies of the recorded conversation.

More questions?

Golden snippets with Z
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