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Real unscripted video content that pulls out your brilliance and gets prospects pumped to do business with you. 
Golden Snippets with Z
This is a golden snippet from a prospect call that was used in this post.

It's so much quicker and easier to create high-impact and engaging video content using Zineb's system.

Andy Kovacs, Co-Founder & Corporate
Learning Director at ELC Consultants

Is 'do more videos' still on your list?

And every time you get in front of the camera

What in the world am I blabbing about?

Who is this? It doesn't sound like me. 

My charisma and influence just went to sh*t.

We both will :)

One day, you will rock at it.

In the meantime, you get to cross one thing off your list!

Videos that make themselves.
practically write your posts for you while you're doing your J.O.B.

Golden Snippets with Z
Golden Snippets with Z

Videos that are more relatable.
Chances are you've already said it and it's more relevant than anything you or ChatGPT will write.

Golden Snippets with Z

Videos that show YOU.
Not spill-your-guts-on-social you,
ust natural you.

Golden Snippets with Z

You that kicks ass. 
You that's charismatic.
You that knows their shit.
You that captures attention.
You that has stories for days.

Chances are you've already said it. 
Stop trying to recreate your genius!

Golden Snippets with Z


You in your mojo not overthinking it.

You in your mojo not overthinking it.


Snippidy-snip, craft mini stories & optimize for attention.


You doing video. Check and check!




Coffee chats

Exit Interviews


Discovery calls

Coaching calls

Group trainings

Networking calls

Interview with moi

Videos for social 

Video testimonials

Promotional videos

Golden Snippets with Z
Video stories with Z


The gold is there. You simply need a real Marketer to help you identify and pull out the messages that serve your purpose.

Mining your existing

recorded content.

Done-with-you and done-for-you services to get ready-to-post videos from your best recorded conversations and sessions. 

Mining your mind to let your genius out.

Relaxed and conversational interviews with moi to get you talking about the stuff you and your prospects care about.

Golden Snippets with Z

"I'm super nervous about video"

People don't care as much as you think they do. Your audience just might tell you how much of a natural you are on video. HA! 

Golden Snippets with Z

With over a decade’s worth of experience in Marketing (two-time CMO), I quickly identify the gaps and mine the gold to get people pumped to do business with you, refer business to you, invite you on coffee chats, podcasts, talks... and for the right reasons.

Do it daily
Adinton Technologies
Wings 4U
Modern Mind Group
ELC Consultants

 She spots everything that I am not necessarily considering and helps me close the gap between what I think my customers think and what my customers actually think.

Melissa Curran, CEO @ ModernMind Group

I used her energy, her startup energy, to move me from my procrastination, idea phase to action. She's like a renaissance artist!

Maria Sztarovics,  Founder @ Wings4U and Expecting Miracles

Are we a fit? 🤍
I want to make sure we do our best work together which means you and I are not a fit if:

You want 40 videos/week.
You don't run on good vibes.

You don't sell high ticket services.
You are not convinced about video.

​You are not already active on social.
You want videos with stuff flying around.

You expect your first video to bring you $$.
You have recently launched your business.

And if we are a fit, AMAZING! 

Golden Snippets with Z
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